Weekly round up

Hello everyone,

We’ve enjoyed a busy week!

We’ve completed our super hero stories – please come and read some of them on our display board during Parent’s Evening!

In maths we’ve continued our addition and subtraction unit; we’ve learnt how to count on and back using the make ten strategy!


Please can children practice these tricky words for a quick test at the end of next week.


Have a lovely weekend!

Lime Class

So proud of Lime Class!

Dear families,

I am so proud of Lime Class; they were amazing in their assembly. They put so much hard work and effort into learning lines and songs. I appreciate all of the help from parents and carers in supporting the children with this.

As Lime have worked so hard, there is no homework for this week.

As well as practicing for our assembly we have been learning about flexibility of number and number facts. For example, if I know that 6 – 3 = 3 then I know that 16 – 3 = 13. Lime have been doing very well with this tricky work!

We’ve continued to write up our super hero stories (of which we read a little out at our assembly), and will finish this on Tuesday. During our writing, we’ve focused on proper nouns, adjectives and verbs.

One of the books we read this week is The Adventures of Dish and Spoon, by Mini Grey who wrote Traction Man.

‘Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat and the Fiddle, The Cow jumped over the Moon, The Little Dog laughed, To see such fun, And the Dish ran away with the Spoon. That’s the bit we know – but have you ever wondered what happened next? Mini Grey has this brilliantly funny and wonderfully inventive suggestion, narrated by one of the principal players – the Spoon himself. Part love story, part crime caper, “The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon” is the rags-to-riches and back again tale of the most dazzling crockery-cutlery duo of all time.’

Mini Grey

We hope that you have a lovely (and happy) weekend,

Ms Marchmont

Another great week!

Hello everyone,

We’ve enjoyed another great week in Lime class. We’ve been super heroes, dinosaurs and scientists!

We’ve been planning and re-writing the Traction Man story, but using super heroes that we’ve invented. We’ve had Zap Woman, Spider Boy, Science Girl and Captain Kool! We started the story write up today, and we will continue this next week.

In PE, we’ve pretended to be dinosaurs; thinking about how they move and travel from one place to another.

We’ve all really impressed Ms Marchmont in our maths too. She’s incredibly proud of our progress with counting forwards and backwards with a number line. Especially as counting backwards can be tricky, but Lime Class are very resilient!

Class Assembly

Our assembly is next week and it starts promptly at 2:30. If you are able to join us, please come to the school hall for 2:20 and take a seat at the back.

We have songs to learn and some of us have lines to remember. Please help us practice these at home over the weekend.

Happy – Pharrell Williams

7 Continents Song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6DSMZ8b3LE


Please learn the songs and lines for the assembly.

Please also read both Bug Club books set online, and complete both book quizes.

Have a great weekend,

Lime Class


Weekly Round Up

Hello everyone,

This week we began a new book for English. Traction Man! We love this book as Traction Man goes on lots of exciting mission and saves the day! We also love reading this story, as we have learned some new vocabulary. Please ask us what hoist and defeat means!

Traction Man cover

We have made a class story map and have learnt it off by heart. We look forward to writing it up in our books over the next 2 weeks. We would love to retell the story to you!


Maths has been a great challenge this week and we’ve been able to show off our great mathematical thinking. We’ve ordered numbers on a number line, put numbers from greatest to smallest, and used our knowledge to find the next number in an increasing or decreasing pattern.

In science we have learnt about new materials; glass, water, rock and brick. We found out that rock and water are natural, and that brick in man made. We identified these materials in a range of objects and then sorted them into the different materials.


Please could the children complete these questions in their books (a few have been forgotten in the homework box):

Order these numbers from greatest to smallest:

3  19  0  20  9  15  5

What number comes next in the pattern:

10  12  14  16  ?

15  14  13  12  ?

Please practice writing these numbers in your book:

3   5  9

(Please remind the children that 5 and 9 love the sun, and 3 doesn’t, as this helps them remember which way around the numbers go!).

Have a great weekend,

Lime Class

Welcome back!

Welcome back for the Spring Term; we hope you had a relaxing break.

In maths we have started a new unit; numbers to 20. This week we have looked at using our counting on strategy and adding numbers to a blank number line. For English, we focused on poetry; The Naughty Toy Box. We really enjoyed learning the poem by heart and performing it with actions. In science today, we sorted different objects into the types of materials they were made from.

We’ve also really enjoyed reading a new book each day this week. One of our favourites was The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. It is a rhyming story about one little mouse trying to make himself heard and discovering along the way that even the smallest of us has the heart of a lion.

The Lion Inside


Can you draw your favourite toy? Please label the materials it is made from (ie plastic, wood or metal). Please add a sentence about why the toy is your favourite.

Have a great weekend,

Lime Class

Weekly Round Up

Hello everyone,

This week has been an exciting week; we’ve been on a visit to St Peter’s Church, we have learnt to tell the time to o’clock and half past, and have been writing poems about a sea monster they have created.


The Nativity is this coming Wednesday morning, 18th December. This will take place at the Secondary school hall.

Important notice – Bug Club

Bug Club Poster


We have assigned all of the children in Year 1 the Bug Club book, Snow Monster.
This is a book that we have started in Guided Reading lessons this week, so the children will be familiar with it. This book contains the graphemes that we have been concentrating on, and so allows children the opportunity to practice with their adult at home.

Homework is to access their Bug Club login, and to read the book online and answer the quiz questions.

I have added their Bug Club log in on to the first page of their homework books. Not all children had their homework books in school, so I can stick the log in details into their book when they bring it in on Monday 🙂

If there are any difficulties in accessing Bug Club, please let the Year 1 team know.

If anyone has any physical Bug Club books at home, please can these be returned next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lime Class

Weekly round up


This week we have been begun our unit on time. In the unit, we begin to learn about the months of the year, their order and what month comes before or after another month. We’ve been doing really well at this and our teacher is really proud. We have also been looking at events throughout the day, and putting these events in order that we might do them.


In English, we have begun Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. All we know so far, is that a lonely-looking penguin knocks on a boys door. Can you quiz us on our super power of prediction, and ask us what we think will happen next? Don’t forget to nudge us for some adjectives!

Lost and Found


As you know, we are learning the months of the year. We want to teach you our months of the year song; please ask us to sing it to you. Please could you ask us some questions like “What month comes before November?” and “What month comes after February?”. T

Nativity reminder

If children have not already, please can they bring in their Nativity costume. We have made the headbands. All the children need from home is all grey or all black clothing to be a sheep. Please can the items and bag being clearly labelled with their name 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Lime Class